Tuesday, October 5


I am very sorry for my recent lack of posting. It's been a bit of a rough time and I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and write. This week I'm starting back up so please keep coming back daily.

Also, someone posted a comment on Friday criticizing several things, chiefly the fact that some of my posts are a bit long. I realize I never did explain the outline of this blog clearly so I'm taking this opportunity to do just that.

The posts on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday all consist of small "blurbs" in which I post an article or share a few quick thoughts. Every Wednesday I will post a video; the last two weeks have been old propaganda from the '50s.
Every Friday I will post my "tour-de-force" essay, which is very long (yes, that is, in fact, the point). This essay goes into much more depth than any of the other posts. This post is much more formal
Occasionally on Saturday I will review a book or something. That is still in the experimental stages.

Thanks for you understanding; hopefully this has cleared some stuff up. :)


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