Thursday, September 23

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Or the Repeal Thereof)

This is another one of those topics that inspire extreme emotion in people. Either you are adamantly for or against don't ask, don't tell (and then there are the few, the proud, the... those of you who are apathetic and really don't care). But for the most part I'd say everyone has one view or another in regards to this topic. As for me, I am against don't ask, don't tell, and for the bill to repeal it. I though this would be an appropriate topic for today because it is very current. Yesterday the Senate shot down a bill before them that would, in effect, repeal don't ask, don't tell. It is this bill that I am going to focus on today.

The apparent reason for kicking the bill back to the House is that there were not enough "pork barrels," or extra baggage on the bill that really has nothing to do with the subject on hand (The bridge to nowhere in Alaska was a pork barrel). This is the problem with government today -- it is way too partisan, and there are way too many "bridges to nowhere." Now congress has a chance to change the bill around to get past the Senate, but the question must be asked: will the bill ever be passed? The Republicans are so dead-set in their views on this issue that it's hard to believe that anything will ever get done in congress. Until the two parties start working together, this country is going be in trouble. What are your thoughts?

P.S. Come back tomorrow for my full post/article on religion.

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