Sunday, September 12


       I certainly don't have as much life experience as most people. I certainly do not know the ways of the world, and I probably have a lot to learn. But what I do know is that most people don't actually know the answers to everything, and that people like me can contribute to the debate. My goal is to provide you with a little bit of commentary; something to consider as you go about your day. The subject of these posts will be political, or at least related to political and social commentary. I figure, we've got the Glenn Becks and the Keith Olbermanns spouting their views, why not give the rest of us a chance?
       In any case, I am open to all forms of debate and I will gladly hear all points of view. I love politics and I truly enjoy a good discussion. Hell I just love arguing. So with that I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I hope you tell all your friends about this blog. :)

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  1. I'm sharing this with my family and friends, although only a handful of them are interested in debates on political and social issues. I'm also a firm believer that debates stimulate and challenge our minds, but personally I'm better at written debate than verbal.

    I would love to visit the blog reading others' comments, or if I have thoughts to share.

    1. My friends and family nicknamed me the Devils advocate years ago. I'm similar to Sam,but I prefer discussions, which are different than arguments or debates. They are best left to debating teams and lawyers. Discussions are an exchange of ideas, not about winning, losing, right or wrong.

  2. Do you wonder why our government is not listening to the American people? Our representatives have turned the tables on us. They and many Americans seem to have forgotten. … The Founders created a Republic. Their intention was not to prevent the government from being overthrown by the people. It was to protect the people from the Tyranny of Government.