Monday, September 27

Government's Quest for More Power

This post is quite similar to the yesterday's post, in that it discusses government meddling with things it should keep it's nose out of. In Santa Clara county in CA, there is proposed regulation that would, in effect, ban the inclusion of toys in happy meals. Of course, I find this insane... What's the point of a happy meal if it doesn't have a toy? The free toy is the whole reason for buying a happy meal. Again, this just goes back to more government regulation.

That's all I'm going to write for this post because I want to hear your ideas -- there are some very good arguments for both sides so please leave your comments/thoughts on this matter.


  1. Yet more evidence that the Burgermeister Meisterburger lives.

    All kidding aside, this seems like a pretty simple issue. This is a private company that should be able to market to its customers as they see fit. If consumers have no interest they will simply not buy the product and the company will change its marketing.

    Short version: "Government out of my Happy Meal!"

  2. Coincidentally, during my last happy meal purchase I requested 'no toy please' just because I've already got too much plastic junk. Anyway, I open the bag and sure enough, next to the fries, kitty corner to the nuggets, was my Scooby Doo memorial bobblehead or whatever. I think it's part of the deal: Paramount pays for the advertising and McDonald's has to oblige.

  3. This is a good regulation to ban those plastic junk that serves the purpose of corporation promotion. Paramount and other entertainment studios go hand in hand with all junk food chains. No more junks for greed and not for need.

    Today's governments are tightly intertwined with big corporations. To recognize certain regulations are actually fought by pure act of people's will, not all regulations are against our liberty, in fact sometimes are to protect ours and others who has no voice.

    What I'm about to mention might be a little side track from this topic, but it's still related to "government power".

    If people believe in decreasing social welfare, then they should also believe in tightening regulations on banks, Wall Streets & free trades. If everything has a price, including environmental destruction & restoration, there won't be mega rich like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet....etc. Because they will be very busy paying the price for over exploitation on natural resources and restoration. If American's social welfare is being minimizing, this country would slip into a third world country very soon, only the classes of rich and poor exist.

  4. Well, in all fairness, Bill Gates gives so much money to charity that you could hardly call him a capitalist pig. I agree, there is too much lobbying in DC and the mega-corporations are also working their way into government, but that's not the point. The point is that government has no right telling a fast food company that they can't give away toys. I mean, it's not addictive and it's not like it's illegal, I think it's just one more way of marketing to kids (and I know how terrible that sounds) but they are companies out to make profit.