Tuesday, September 21

GOP Woes

The Republican party is going through a civil war of sorts. (minus the blood and violence) Unfortunately, this is causing a huge problem for the political system as a whole. For nearly 200 years this country has been dominated by the two major parties -- the Republicans and the Democrats. I won't lie, I actually disapprove of the two party system; I think it quashes many alternative ideals and perspectives. But despite that downside, the system does work most of the time. But recently the Democratic party has gained too much favor in this country. As of 2004, there were 72 million registered Democrats, making the Dems the largest political party in the world. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but in today's political climate it is. Here is why:

The GOP has divided into two factions: the "old timers" and the tea party (though one could argue that the tea party consists of old timers wanting to go back to the constitution and everyone else is a radical, but it all depends on the side from which you look at it). The two sides within the party actually have very different views; the tea party wants small government, the mainstream GOP is pro-army and very "imperialistic." And that's just one area where the two factions differ. You may be starting to think I'm going off topic, but I'm not. Here is how this affects the democrats and our system as a whole. The Republicans are split, meaning they're vulnerable, while the democrats are gaining more and more favor. It just goes back to the old saying, "divide and conquer," except the dividing is happening entirely within the party without any outside prompting (i.e. the democrats aren't influencing the situation). What does all of this mean? It means that until the Republicans can figure their conflicts out (or possibly divide to create a three-party system) the democrats are going to be able to dominate the political scene. Yes, they are going to lose many seats in November; yes, Obama's losing favor,  but the battle between the tea-party supporters and the mainstream republicans is going to be long and ugly, so the democrats will end up with a lot of power and influence in the coming years. Is this a good thing? Maybe, maybe not. I suppose it all depends on your party affiliations. What are your thoughts?


  1. Hello. Unfortunately for America, though the republicans have "tea party" people and "old timers" (excuse my shitty wording), they are united on one front: keep Obama and the dems from achieving anything. Now, this may just be me, as a democrat, accusing the republicans as being "evil" (partisanship. a huge problem in our political system), I actually think the republicans are trying to keep it partisan. They do not want to cooperate, and this is inhibiting our country's ability to move forward. The republicans are not soley responsible for the Partisanship present in our country. I know a lot of Democrats are against Republicans in general. But the bigger point is that both parties need to come together and actually put energy into PROGRESS and things that matter, such as the Economy, the wars, defining marriage as religious (that's another story), etc. Oh, and getting rid of the tea party. They are seriously scary. Funded by HUGE oil companies with extreme, fundamentalist christian backgrounds.
    Anyway, please think about the fact that Republicans don't need more power against the Democrats. Power Struggle is only going to hold us back. America needs more power for America.
    thanks for reading.

  2. Well, whoever "Anonymous" was was wrong about Republicans mostly being Christian. Go get your stats right.
    And also, if some group doesn't try to stop Obama from what he is doing, then no one will. If we just sit back and let one group take control, they'll have absolute power (which corrupts absolutely). Politics is a pendulum. For a while it swings to the Democrat-in-favour extreme, which is right now. But in time, it will inevitably swing back.

  3. Hi Ashley!
    Anonymous is me. I couldn't figure out how to make the thing just my name. But now I do.
    Anyway, I was not saying Republicans are mostly christian, or that christians are mostly Republicans. The Tea Party is funded primarily by fundamentalist Christians high in petroleum companies. If you do the research, you will see this to be true. Also, if everyone tries to stop everyone else, nothing is done. Obama is intelligent. He has good ideas for how to fix this country. He has some bad ideas too, but it needs to be discussed without the "I'm a republican. I say this, and democrats suck" or "I'm a democrat. I say this, and republicans suck". Our country needs people to actually work towards the benefit of the country, not just the benefit of their party or themselves.

  4. Oh, and just to be clear, I was only anonymous for the above post. I then figured out how to post my name.