Wednesday, September 29

What is Communism?

Keeping with tradition, tonight I'm going to share with you another "educational" (please note those quotes are very sarcastic) video that explains communism.

According to Mr. Philbrick, the communists are
     Criminal Conspiracy

...Sounds to me like Reality TV.


  1. What is the point of you showing us these videos? Though they grant insight into the government of the 50s, the government of today is 1) not releasing very much propaganda, if any. and 2) any propaganda is very well disguised and relatively tame.

  2. I post these videos just because the rest of the week the blog tends to be fairly heavy in terms of content, so I just want to lighten things up a bit. Oh, by the way, there is propaganda in modern politics. You just can't see it because history hasn't had enough time to change your perspective. I hope to explain this idea more later, but back in the '50s, no one recognized those videos as propaganda.
    And as for modern propaganda, just look at Obama's campaign slogan, "Change." There's your propaganda right there: tell the people what they want to hear. Same goes for McCain, Fox News, and MSNBC. Please don't tell me you honestly believe there's no more propaganda. In fact, I'd argue there's more now than ever before.