Tuesday, September 28

Religious People Outsmarted by Atheists?

The "Religion Issue" just gets more and more colorful. Tonight's post is a follow up to my previous two articles on religion, Religion, and Religion -- Good or Bad?. As it turns out, a recent study showed that atheists and agnostics knew more than devout followers about their respective religions. Does anyone else find this kind of amusing?
"Los Angeles, Sep 28(ANI): A new survey, which measured Americans' knowledge of religion, has found that atheists and agnostics knew more than followers of most major faiths."
This just seems really funny to me. It continues
"It said that atheists and agnostics - those who believe there is no God or who are not sure - were more likely to answer the survey's questions correctly."
You can read the full article here: Atheists, agnostics know more about religion than believers, finds US survey

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