Saturday, September 18

Nuclear Energy

The post will be fairly short today as I am without access to a computer. This is written entirely on an iPhone. My opinions are fairly indifferent when it comes to this topic, so I will try to provide a brief synopsis of both arguments, for and against.

Nuclear energy is important because it represents one of the important methods to fight global warming -- and that is alternative fuel. Coal and oil are polluting the atmosphere so much that we really have no other options. Wind and solar helps, but it simply isn't enough. So many strides in technology have been made; in many ways nuclear power is safer than many, say, coal or oil. It is extremely efficient and represents a very important form of energy for the future.

All of that being said, it also has a high risk of failure by things that can't be controlled. And when talking about nuclear energy, failure means the release of extremely dangerous substances into the environment. There is also a risk of terrorist attacks and human error. That is why there's so much danger with these installations.

So what's the answer? To be honest, I really don't know. A lot of things need to be seriously considered. What are you're thoughts?

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