Sunday, September 26

This is just crazy...

I was reading the most recent issue of Time magazine and I stumbled upon this article. Read it -- It will blow your mind. When you think of federal agents with guns in hand raiding a house, what comes to mind? A drug bust? A squat team after a dangerous criminal? It turns out that in this case it's neither. Federal agents raided a house because they were looking for, (drum roll please) RAW MILK. The CDC and FDA are trying to get a complete ban on the sale and distribution of raw (unpasteurized) milk. Why? Apparently it poses some health risks. According to that article, 1,600 people got sick from drinking raw milk -- over a ten year period. And of those people, only TWO have died. Now let's compare this to cigarettes. According to the CDC, about 443,000 people die of cigarette-caused illnesses per year. In ten years, that ~4.5 million people who die from cigarettes. It's also worth noting that it's the CDC who is leading the crusade against raw milk. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? This is obviously government just trying to gain more power. What's next? Banning sodas because they're too sugary? I actually wouldn't be surprised -- several organizations and even the mayor of San Francisco have proposed a "soda tax" in order to deter people from drinking it. Animal rights activists have already gotten California to pass legislation to ban the production and sale of foie gras. It takes effect in 2012. This is all very alarming -- the government is slowly but steadily beginning to control more and more aspects of our lives. Right now it's food, but who knows what aspect of our lives they might try to regulate next... And of course it's always for "public health and safety." Those buzz words will get the public to accept just about any regulation. Yesterday I wrote about 1984. Here's a prime example of how that world is slowly starting to infiltrate this one.

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  1. As far as Raw Milk War, I can see the ties between government and corporation control to monopolize market and profits. If anyone wants to drink raw milk at their own risk, and what comes with the sickness are not transmittable, that shouldn't be a concern of government. Personally I don't know if there's any label required on raw milk, if not, it's just a matter of regulating labeling, such as statements of risk to inform consumers. And the rest is up to our personal liberty.

    But the ban of foie gras is almost the opposite of government control. I don't see any benefit the government gains from this ban, except it is a pure act of banning animal cruelty. The only real mix of political and business interest about this ban is it takes 7.5 years phase out period before this law takes effect, simply because Salvadorian immigrant’s business could have had ramifications among California’s large Hispanic voting bloc. Because of that, ducks and geese have to suffer for another 7.5 years.